ND Afrique Visage

Our Lady of Africa,
mother of the human family,
Be mindful of your African children,
at home or dispersed on other continents.

You who are full of grace,
look upon all those who do not know Jesus,
the Son sent by the Father.
May his light draw them and make them
receptive to the gift of Faith.

You, who are one with Christ
In suffering and in glory,
Be mindful of those assailed by trials,
That they may discover
His liberating Passover, and live by it in hope.

You who turned to Jesus
When the wine of joy ran out
Be mindful of peoples in distress,
That justice and peace may prevail
In a united world where Charity reigns.

You who, in the midst of the Apostles,
Received the breath of the Spirit
Be mindful of the apostles of today.
May they announce the Word with assurance
And proclaim it by their lives.
May young people hear the call of Christ
And follow him with joy.

Our Lady of Africa, Queen of the universe,
Be mindful of humanity on the way.
May Christ your Son, gather all peoples
In the unity of his Spirit
To the glory of the Father
For ages to come.

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