EN 2017

General Chapter 2017: 

The logo designed by Sr. Gosia Popławska and here is the explanation she gives:

logo 2017 main et lampeThe hand:

The hand symbolizes that as “bearers of hope”, we are called to bring the light of hope, of a new life, to people but in reality it is God who is making this gesture towards his people.
We are like the lamp; we are instruments in God’s hand. We are called to be channels of peace, reconciliation and hope. We are made of clay - we recognize our fragility. We can also be sure of God’s fidelity to us; he is always with us, in our history, in the present and in the future, because we are always in his hands!

The lamp:

The lamp is open at the top, ready to be filled with oil, so that it can function. We desire to be always open to God’s love, so that, just as oil gives light and heat, God’s love may burn within us and enable us to live our Kenosis.
Oil is used as food; for us this is his word and the sacraments that we need for our daily living. Oil also has healing qualities, so we too need God’s healing, so that we may be reconciled with ourselves and with others.
The openness of the lamp also symbolizes an attitude of listening.

logo 2017 huile flammesThe flames:

The flames near the lamp are red and orange, a sign of the presence of the Spirit, God’s love, but as they radiate wider, the colour changes to yellow, which symbolizes how the flames give light to the people. Finally, as the rays reach the peripheries, they change to green to give new life to the people. The shape of the flames reminds us how God’s love wants to reach all the people; we are like the flames, “moving forward together towards the peripheries.” We are “sent”, ready to go from ourselves, towards God and towards others.

Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, today !

“Just as each of our bodies has several parts and each part has a separate function, so all of us, in union with Christ, form one body, and as parts of it we belong to one another” Rom. 12:4-5.

logo 2017 flammesWhen we look at this logo, we can find ourselves in different places at different moments. Sometimes we can be like the hand, bringing God’s light to others, or sometimes we are like the wick of the lamp or like the oil which is poured out. Sometimes we can find ourselves in the peripheries, waiting for somebody to give us a sign of hope, to transform us, to bring new life in us. We can look at this logo as individuals, as a community or as our Congregation. Starting from the hand, passing by the lamp and through the flames, going to the peripheries, but also we can start from the other side, receiving a new life which we discover with time, as we understand and accept more and more how God loves us. We are called to enter the picture from different parts.

Sr Malgorzata (Gosia) Poplawska

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