porte sainte 2 sup générauxThe Lavigerie family: our 8th December celebration in Rome

The common celebration of the feast of the Immaculate Conception at the Missionaries of Africa in Rome was very much in line with the celebration which took place simultaneously at St. Peters Basilica!

We too, the Lavigerie family, opened a holy door of mercy:

the two General Councils had reflected and prayed on what was "wrong" between our two institutes and a reconciliation ceremony was initiated at the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

eau béniteWe began in the 'Lavigerie" room with a ritual remembrance of our baptism. As a symbol of our unity in this gift of the Church, a water jug containing water from our Missionnary sisters of our Lady of Africa Generalate was mixed with water from the Generalate of the Fathers. It was blessed and brought to the entrance of the chapel.

Going in procession to the chapel, we stopped in front of the closed door. Our superiors, Richard Baabwobr and Carmen Sammut opened the door of mercy to begin our walk together. Each one upon entering, signed themselves with the holy water. When everyone was in place, the superiors made a ritual for forgiveness and reconciliation which extended to everyone by exchanging a sign of peace. Thus, having passed through the door of mercy, we resumed our journey together.
The Eucharistic celebration continued, well animated with hymns in different languages, accompanied by drums and youyou. We concluded with a meal together.

Sister Gisela Schreyer

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