lavement des piedsHow to testify of the good news of Jesus Christ?

The Lord sends us to evangelise the people. But have you ever reflected on what it means to evangelise another person? It is to say to someone: "You too are loved by God in the Lord Jesus." And not only to say it, but to really think it.

And not only to think it, but to behave with this person in such a way that he/she feels, discovers that there is something saved within, something much greater and more noble than what he thought; he wakes up to a new awareness of himself.

That's what the Good News is all about. You can only do it by offering your friendship. A friendship which is real, disin¬terested, without condescension, made up of trust and profound respect.

Extract from "Sagesse d'un pauvre" of Éloi Leclerc (p. 139)

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