The mission never ends

Our sister Joanna Dekkers shares her experience of Africa with young Lotte, studying social work in the Netherlands. After 40 years in Africa sister Joanna retired in Boxtel, where she is still working with homeless people. 


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Without exclusion or partiality

oran groupe jeunes Who is the missionary?

The missionary is a person of charity.

In order to proclaim to all his brothers and sisters that they are loved by God and are capable of loving, he must show love towards all, giving his life for his neighbour.

The missionary is the "universal brother", bearing in himself the Church's spirit, her openness to and interest in all peoples and individuals, especially the least and poorest of his brethren. As such, he overcomes barriers and divisions of race, cast or ideology. He is a sign of God's love in the world – a love without exclusion or partiality Extract from "Redemptoris Missio" of Jean-Paul II (n° 89).

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