2015 arushaAmong the many vocations, there is the missionary vocation.

Jesus calls men and women to carry his Good News beyond all borders, those of their own country and those of their heart. Jesus puts in me the desire to love each person, just as they are, regardless of skin color, religion, social status ... He invites me to love, like him, with a universal love.

I feel an attraction to go to those who do not yet know Jesus, so that they meet him and hold fast to Him. It may also be an attraction to go towards those who suffer, or the desire to put myself at the service of the poor and work for a more just world.

Although I have a "home" here, a family, friends, activities I enjoy, I'm available to go far away. I am sure Jesus is there waiting for me wherever I will be sent and that he will give me a new "home" with the people I will love. It is in a mutual sharing that I want to meet them. I am ready to let myself be evangelized by my brothers and sisters in humanity by sharing with them the One who makes me live, the One who is the source of my joy, Christ.

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