We share an article written by our young professed sisters: Olive Burundaise, Donatira Ugandaise, Domina Rwandaise, Eliane Burundaise and Anosiata Ugandaise.

We have a deep joy in belonging to Christ whom we have sought to follow for a long time. October 18, 2020 became for us an unforgettable day, our birth in the congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, where we freely consecrated ourselves to Christ our Love and our Treasure.jeunes pro 3

Today, this joy of belonging to him prompts us to reach out to others, to bear witness to him to all Africans wherever they are. Our first Yes to Christ made us free instruments for him, because we have given him all our freedom to use us as he wants. We are very reassured of his love and his presence, which will accompany us wherever we are sent. For we are convinced by the words he tells us in Jn: 20:21. "Just as the Father has sent me, I also send you.” Sure of this, we are ready to go and meet other people, other cultures and other languages. We are ready to risk, with Jesus and for him. On this day, the birth in heaven of our first Superior Marie Salomé, we are very happy to be welcomed into the congregation.

The contagious joy of our sisters who were present at our first religious profession and who welcomed us and promised to help us, made us sure of the family we have chosen. Yes today we can testify that the history of our congregation is being built from generation to generation because now it is our turn, our generation, to keep our charism alive. From now on, we live for Jesus, through Jesus and with Jesus. Our first commitment pushes us to become the hands of Jesus, his feet, his voice, his presence… He urges us to love Christ with an undivided love, a universal love, a love without borders.  Yes the Lord is faithful in what he says and in what he does. Because he will do everything for us in our first missions in Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Congo where we have been sent by him through our general council.

Sincerely our hearts are joyful and filled with gratitude to be the beloved women of Jesus, to follow him in the congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa as women apostles. jeunes pro 2

To you, dear sisters, especially those who have accompanied us spiritually from our formation until this day of our Yes to Christ, we express to you our sincere thanks for your spiritual and human support. Thank you for having accompanied us and for having formed us as women apostles, consecrated and rooted in Christ, the one who calls us and the one to whom we have just consecrated ourselves. May the good Lord give back to you a hundredfold, may he give you all the graces you need to accompany other young people who want to consecrate themselves to Christ.

May our Mother Marie Salomé and Cardinal Lavigerie intercede for each of us and may their faith, their passion for Christ and for humanity be our daily inspiration for following Christ. May our Lady of Africa pray for us and intercede for our mission for the African world. We wish you Jesus our love and our treasure May he be the first inspiration in everything we do. May his name be blessed now and forever.

Your young professed sisters

Domina Dusenge


Keneema Anosiata


Olive Nihorimbere


Eliane Nzoyisaba


Donatie Tusiima


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