jubile 50 yearsCelebrating 25 years, 50 or 60 years of religious life

is an opportunity to contemplate the journey of fidelity lived with the Lord, with her sisters and all those she met in Africa or elsewhere.

On the occasion of her Golden Jubilee, Sister Nicole Robion witnesses to this fidelity of the Lord and her own:

soeur Nicole RobionThe burning bush
In my burning bush the message you gave me:
"Do not be afraid of the fire!"
In the Holy Land he knew me.
"I will be with you." I am the one to marvel
To give him the joy of accompanying me.

"What joy I would have if I saw you all walk with a firm and resolute step in the vocation to which our Lord has called you. However, I respect your freedom so that born of his divine inspiration, it would be your voluntary choice." Mother Marie Salomé

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