desert1I want to live...

Lord, my helper and my refuge,
from the womb of my mother, you know me and you love me ...

My mother told me that you never abandon anyone who trusts in you,
but you guide them on the right path,
and you feed them with the bread of heaven.

 Look upon me Lord; I am lost here, far away from my country,
in a no-man's land.

I want to LIVE!

I would like to escape the grasp of the multinationals
that made our land a pile of trash ...
I would like to escape the wars
which brought us, the poor ones,
so much famine and distress.

Lord, I wish to LIVE!

desert3But see where I am.
Around me, there is no life,
only the lifeless bodies of my companions in misfortune.
I feel that soon it will be the same for me.
I know I'm going to die, Lord,
but I would like to ask you something:

Do not let my mother, my sister, my little brothers,
and all those I shall never see again,
be unhappy because I am no longer there.

Be their refuge, their help and their shepherd, Lord!
Welcome us to a place
where there is no war, no multinationals or exploitation,
but only life and life in abundance.

Sister Paquita, Spanish
Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa

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