signRome, 12th September, 2015 Greetings and Blessings!

I am writing to you concerning one of the greatest challenges that the believers of the world's religions and all men and women of good will face today: being good stewards of God's creation.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. If we stay on our current course, we can expect more devastating natural disasters, more shortages of food and water, more mass migration, and new threats to our health and security. These effects will hurt all Soeur Carmen Sammutof us -- but especially the hungry, the sick, and the poor.

People of diverse faiths and goodwill understand that it is our collective responsibility to protect our world of abundance. As Christians, we recognize our individual duty to protect the precious gift of God's creation. We must take common action to address the devastation of our earth.

Will you accept the moral obligation and join me today to help safeguard creation?

Join the Faiths for Earth Campaign to Protect Our Earth By:

1. Signing the online petition of your respective country here:
(The petition is available in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Filipino, Indonesian, Norwegian, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.)

2. Editing this letter as you see fit and sending it every member in your network urging them to join the campaign, sign the petition and forward the petition to their network of supporters.

3. Posting your country's petition on your organization's website

4. Sharing your country's petition on your social media sites.


Sr. Carmen Sammut
President, International Union of Superiors General
Co-President, Religions for Peace

Sister Carmen Sammut is the Superior General of the congregation of Missionnary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa

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