freedomPope Paul VI said: "The cry of the poor should reach our consciences". Why?

Because they are victims of an organised situations of injustice. We refuse such injustice just like Cardinal Lavigerie refused, in his time, the injustice of slavery.

Solidarity with the poor is part of our Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa vocation, of our vocation as disciples of Christ and simply of our human vocation. Because if, within the "human family", some are treated unjustly, how can we tolerate this without reacting?

"I pray that God himself may enlighten you and give you in all its plenitude what Holy Scripture calls in its sublime language: "a real understanding" of the poor. Real misery, ignorance, sickness, corrupt customs are all kinds of poverty which arouse our compas¬sion and devotedness." Mother Marie-Salomé


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