AEFJN photo logo finalAfrica Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN) AEFJN is a Christian Network that strives to eliminate injustice and to promote Equity and Economic Justice in the relations between Europe and Africa.

We do that by lobbying (working towards promoting just legislation and transforming the laws that cause Injustice and poverty).

The members are Catholic International religious Congregations working in Africa and in Europe. About 80,000 persons in Africa and Europe are involved directly or indirectly in the activities of AEFJN. The International Secretariat in Brussels lobbies the European Union while the 11 national antennae in Africa and Europe lobby the national Governments and Parliaments.

AEFJN was born in 1988 from two calls:
o The deteriorating of the economic situation in Africa, despite developments efforts, and the call of missionary congregations to transform that situation.
o The call of Pope John Paul II to the missionaries to be present where ever decisions are made.

As missionaries we witness many injustices which have their roots in economic policies. God calls us to transform these realities.
The current Plan of action aim of AEFJN is that African Resources benefit the population of the continent and are preserved for future generations. We work for relationships between Africa and Europe that are fair and allow the full development of Africa and its people.
The key focal points of the current Plan of Action are: land grabbing; exploitation of raw materials; international trade and the access to quality generic medicines.

Begona eafjnBegoña Iñarra Pampliega's commitment at AEFJN
The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa congregation has been an active member of AEFJN since its beginning. From 1998 to 2001, I was at the International Secretariat in Brussels, working on the issues of International Trade, Water and Access to Medicines for all. In 2002 I went to Kenya where together with other congregations I started an Antenna, called Catholic Economic Justice. In 2006 I returned to the Secretariat in Brussels. From 2010 to 2014 I was the Executive Secretary. Currently I am in Paris, where I am a member of the Board of Directors of the French Antenna.

These last years I have lived my commitment to Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation through my dedication to AEFJN. This faith commitment comes from my conviction that Christ calls us, his followers, to transform the social reality so that the relations in the world are based on solidarity and sustainability, serving humanity in an interrelation with the whole of creation so ALL MAY HAVE LIFE TO THE FULL.

Sr Begoña Iñarra Pampliega, Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa, Spanish

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