bibliothèque des Soeurs Blanches Oran AlgérieInter-religious dialogue, what is it ?

"Inter-religious dialogue is a voyage of discovery undertaken by two partners who walk together and encourage one another to be open to God and to obey His Will." Mgr Michael Fitzgerald, Missionary of Africa. It is an experience of mutual conversion in which both become more authentically human and in which the Christian partner discovers ever more deeply the God of Jesus Christ.

Inter-religious dialogue and the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa

Our congregation pays particular attention to the believers of Islam, no matter where the community is established. We are also attentive to the believers of African traditional religions. Our closeness with believers of other religions and other Christian denominations, our sharing in their common activities, even sometimes in their prayers, enriches our understanding of our own Christian faith.

Notre Père en arabeWhat a paradox!

It is the approach of the "other", different in his way of believing and thinking, which allows us to complete what is lacking in our knowledge of God!

Inter-religious dialogue and our intercultural community life

Our international community life can be a great help in this learning process to live with great respect this inter-religious difference.

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