15 November 2020

Dear Sisters,

Receive a big hug from me! I share this little article and some photos.

 We continue being united in prayer and I thank the Lord for your wonderful mission. May He bless you wherever you are!

Despite the difficult and uncertain situation our world is currently experiencing, we can never lose hope and, above all, we cannot fall into temptation and think our good Lord has forgotten us. On the contrary, He accompanies us more than ever and the communion that unites us all together, continues being strong and fruitful.

Carol prepares the Saint Communion for distribution

It is evident that my mission here in Spain is not the same as it was a few months ago... But I am prudent and where it is possible, I continue to be faithful to my pastoral ministry that gives so much meaning to my vocation. As I have shared with you on many occasions, this feeling makes it possible and reminds me that belonging to your religious family and to be one of you is one of the most precious gifts I have received from God, our Lord. How can I not thank Him and you for something so wonderful?

We continue to carry out catechesis with children and we do it through the ZOOM. Obviously, it is not the same as when we can all meet personally. But it is essential to keep in touch and, above all, to convey to the little ones the importance of prayer and what it means, not to meet but to remain united in communion, without forgetting it is possible because of the presence of Jesus and the Eucharist.

(Photo: Carol on her wheel chair preparing the Holy Communion for distribution)

Carol in the communityWe are not allowed to enter the Nursing Home to pray and celebrate the Word ... But we thought of some system that would allow us to not stop visiting them and, above all, not to stop praying with them.

We were reassured, through the emotion and joy that we saw in their eyes, that they were grateful for our visit. It was confirmed how much they appreciate and value receiving the Eucharist!

How I would like to return to the maximum possible normality... Let's not lose hope and keep on trusting the Lord. We are far from each other, but always united in prayer and in the same mission!

With love,


Carol Garcia Murillo and friends

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