Mi Hermana Africa

"My sister Africa," the continent that has changed my life.

Already as a little girl Carol was smiling and fearless. And she still is! Since her childhood she dreamed of Africa. She did not know much about this continent but as migrants began arriving in her region, she felt drawn to their ways of being, their traditions ... She wondered about the daily life of these people. Carol spent much time with the weakest, the poorest, the most miserable.... She shared her free time with them. Thus, fascinated by the encounter, by communication with others, she began to study in Barcelona as an audioprothesist. Having finished her studies she found an interesting job in Madrid. It was perfect. She divided her time between her profession and an important commitment in pastoral care in a working class district of the Spanish capital.

But she did not forget Africa and this time, it was no longer an idealistic and impossible idea. This was the time of the mass arrival of migrants in her country. Discernment in depth showed her how to pack her belongings, from all points of view, leaving everything and committing herself forever in a very special life-choice in Africa ...

Carol Garcia MurilloCarol began her formation with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, in September 2001. But a serious illness prevented her from continuing her novitiate in Africa and she returned to her own country leaving this dear continent which she loved so much. Her relationship with the congregation continued however, and on February 18, 2012, she committed herself as an associate member and received our cross.

Carol sees her missionary vocation in her own reality through her total dedication to God, through her deep spiritual life, her numerous contacts with people of different backgrounds and her continued commitment to recognize the dignity of every human being.

In February 2016 her book will be published: Mi Hermana Àfrica

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