desireWe have communities in Madrid, Logroño and Málaga.

Our commitments: the pastoral care of migrants, health care, catechesis, mission and vocation animation, participation in several magazines related to Africa: CIDAF, Africana, Justice and Peace with AEFJN, JPIC ...

A desire: To collaborate in the transformation of unjust structures that cause so much poverty and suffering, unemployment and inequality. We live this as a reality nearby in Spain and far away, in Africa and elsewhere.

word "Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the One who sent me." Mt 10:40. Our mission here is WELCOMING. We draw from African wisdom: "Welcoming is a light that illumines the path."

"Let us be creative and always flexible to give a new form to our faith, to our apostolate, resulting from the unforeseen circumstances of life."

You can contact us through : Our website Hermanas Misioneras de Nuestra Señora de África
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