In 2019, in the celebrations for the 150 years jubilee of our congregations, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa - White Sisters and the Missionaries of Africa - White Fathers, we organised an exhibition at the Youth Cultural Center in Lublin, Poland.

On this occasion, Sr. Anafrida Biro and Fr Mariusz Bartuzi held a missionary animation for children entitled “Children of Africa” aiming at sharing African tales in Polish and Swahili, so that children would discover other ways of storytelling and enjoy the rich messages these tales convey to the listeners.

We are grateful for the invitation and the good collaboration and generosity of all the workers of the Center in Lublin. Thanks to Mr. Benon Bujnowski (The Director and Mrs. Krystyna Sobańska – Stępień (our friend) for their availability and support. This activity amused the children, transported them to Africa, and gave them the feel of the rich tradition and wisdom of the continent.

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