Poland PologneThe musical Festival of Woodstock was started in Poland by Jerzy Owsiak in the 1990s.

Now it takes place in Kostrzyn, a town bordering Germany. Each year numerous musicians and music groups are invited to participate in Woodstock. They come from all over the world. The audience may reach as many as half a million young people from various parts of the world.

The Festival showed that there was a need for another initiative accompanying the Festival, that is a new Evangelical Movement. It associated religious people, priests (even two bishops) and also young people. There are 700 – 800 of us in this movement. We go out to talk to the participants of Woodstock Festival. I have been there already five times. There are youth from other countries such as Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Please remember all these young peole in your prayer.

Sister Cecylia B.

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