• fiorettiVisiting a group of 'bansansa' = 'Joyous' I ask them:

" What did you do this week?"
The answers are many:
- We collected firewood, drew water, cleaned around the house and they named some elderly and disabled persons.
- I prevented a fight.
- How did you do this, it is not easy?
- I told them: Where we love ... God is present, if we do not love ... God is not there! They stopped!
These are the words of ' Ubi Caritas', which is often sung during the liturgies.
Recounting this fact to a very 'pro latin' cousin, I asked him ... "Do you think if we had sung in Latin, it would have penetrated the boy's heart ?" The answer was a great laugh, giving me reason!

"If we love one another, God abides in us ..." I Jn 4, 12

  • lobole de la veuveI could not believe my eyes. An elderly man with his staff, who often spent his days near the church, knelt before Francisco, a schoolboy of approximately 10 years, of whom I knew the family well. With large gestures and very politely he showed his thanks. Usually it is young people who kneel before the elders! I was very surprised !
    The key to the puzzle? Francisco had just given him the bun prepared for him by his mother for the school day! He had given him everything! And I thought of the widow in the Temple

"... She took of her poverty, she has given everything, all she had to live ..." Mc 12,44

  • BibleThe Bible house published each of the Gospels in Bemba. Small in size, they could go into the pockets of shirts or dresses of children. They were selling very cheap and the kids loved to buy, not only to put in the pocket ... but in their life!

Sister Geneviève Delucenay, Missionary Sisters of Our lady of Africa

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