• fiorettiOften at night I would pray near a river close to the house, it flowed, sang, and jumped.

rivière ZambieOne day at a crossroads, I met a boy of about six years, very cute. On his bare chest shone a medal.
I said, "But I do not know you, what's your name? "
Straightening and very proud, he said: "Nine Ibrahimu" "I am Abraham"

What a great introduction to the beginning of these pages, this encounter with Abraham !!! I want to write about the Bible in the lives of Zambians.

  • Another meeting: I was returning from the village, further down the road I see two men talking with a boy of 10 or 11 years who was returning from school. The men continue their way, the child arrives at my side, he is laughing.

Notre Dame dAfriqueWe greet and I tell him "you seem very happy".
He answers me, "I just talked to those two men. On seeing the cross around my neck , they told me "you are stupid to pray with Catholics, they adore a woman". So I asked them a question : (one must know that here this particular tribe is matriarchal and descendence comes down through the chief's mother).
When we go to the chief, where is he sitting? They replied – "on the throne".
- and his mother ? " on a stool ".
And we ourselves ? " down on the ground".
- We, Catholics, that's what we do: we honor Mary, the mother of our Chief, Jesus!
They left ! They were Jehovah Witnesses.
"You are blessed among women" Lc.1,4

Sister Geneviève Delucenay, Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa

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