Creating a new community always brings joy and gratitude.

 From Bunamwaya to UsukijoniThe 2017 General Chapter asked the General Council to explore the possibility of launching a joint project with the Missionaries of Africa in Uganda in the service of refugees.

This project was born from the combined effort of our two Institutes to make a concrete gesture of gratitude to the Lord for our 150 years of existence. The choice fell on Ukusijoni, an isolated locality in the diocese of Arua, a 7-hour drive from Bunamwaya.Magda et Linah




And here we are in 2021, after a year full of difficulties for everyone.  The project is becoming a reality and it begins with sisters Magda and Linah moving from Bunamwaya with a truck full of supplies and provisions for the new community.


For now, Sisters Magda and Linah will settle in the parish of Bacere, a 25-minute drive from Ukusijoni. We pray that eventually they will find the best place to establish their apostolate.

Parish of Bacere

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