desireOur history, in and with Uganda is a series of "movings." We arrived in 1899. The movings are related to difficult times that have happened in this country. And now we again are moved from Kisubi into a new house and a new parish: at Bunamwaya.

Our Bunamwaya community is in a parish near the capital, Kampala. It is a home for young women who feel called to missionary religious life. Here they are accompanied to take their first steps in a religious community.

The apostolic activities of our Sisters are varied: We work with local congregations, some of which were formed by us. We accompany retreats for religious and laity, do medical work, etc ...
Another way to get in touch with "the other," who is different is through inter-religious encounters.
Some of our young Ugandan Sisters complete their professional formation in Uganda.
Ugandan sisters have been sent to Zambia, Mauritania, Tanzania and in Uganda....

"That we be not only united, but one."

Our symbol is the Rainbow.

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