desireWe arrived in Tanzania in 1884. At present we have three communities: Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza.

Apostolic activities are varied: pastoral and socio-economic development in Tandale parish. Our goal is to provide education to people around us, especially orphans and those who have failed at school, to equip them to live better in society and to help them grow in self-esteem. In this project we are working with the Missionaries of Africa who are in charge of the parish. One of our Sisters taught in a secondary school run by the Jesuits. The Dares Salaam house also welcomes the Tanzanian Sisters who come for home-leave.

The English novitiate of the Congregation is in the city of Arusha. This is a time of preparation for the first commitment to our missionary religious life. Nearby we are in charge of a kindergarten in Loruvani parish.

In Mwanza, one sister is teaching.
The group of Lay missionaries of Our Lady of Africa have been supporting several projects in Mwanza Diocese, for example on Ukerewe island.

We have Tanzanian sisters who have been sent to Poland, Ghana, Kenya, and in Tanzania ...

"Go and proclaim the Good News to all peoples."

'It is not you who chose me, but it is I who have chosen you. "Jn 15:16

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