desireWe have been in Mauritania since 1975. This is a vast country with a single Catholic diocese. We have a community in Nouakchott, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Mauritania is almost entirely desert, touching the Atlantic Ocean. Its population is of mixed origin both Arab and African. Mauritanians are Muslim. The foreign-born population is largely African, migrated to Mauritania decades ago.

We want to be a compassionate presence listening to these people around us in very poor neighborhoods through various services: craft-center, promotion of women, training kindergarten teachers, teaching school with special attention for disadvantaged or disabled children; catechesis for the foreign children of the parish. Through our ministries, we live encounter and friendship with the believers of Islam. Our church in Nouakchott also has this very strong "missionary" aspect because all the Christians are foreigners, coming from almost every corner of the world.

A desire : May our intercultural community in Mauritania continue to give witness to love and unity in this multi-ethnic and multicultural context.

A tree whose branches show the various accents of our charism and which bear fruit each representing our different ministries.

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