desireIn 2007 we celebrated the centenary of our presence in Kenya. We began at Mangu-Thika. Today we are in Nairobi and Malindi.

Local congregations formed by us continue the apostolic activities that we started in different parts of Kenya.

In Nairobi, we have two communities. One provides administrative services for the congregation and welcomes sisters passing through. The other community is more specifically devoted to missionary and vocational animation and formation of the postulants. All the postulants have apostolic activity among the poor in a neighboring slum. Sometimes sisters come to Nairobi for language study or professional formation in various sectors ...

Our desire: To give witness to justice, peace and reconciliation, and to radiate joy. To build a community that lives hospitality, availability and mobility in a positive, simple and natural way and which supports one another in the particular mission entrusted to us.

An open door to God, to others, to self so as to love and live as sisters.

"I am with you always."
A calabash with water to bring life through our various services.

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