desireWe have one community in northern Ghana, at Gumo. The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa were called to the Diocese of Tamale in 1976, especially because of our charism which opens us to the believers of Islam, and deepening Christian faith at diocesan level.

In 1988, the community opened in Gumo, a village 12 kms from Tamale to serve both Christians and Muslims for the intellectual development of the people of this village and surrounding areas. The sisters are in charge of a diocesan primary school in the neighboring village of Malshegu with 740 students. We also have a center for illiterate Christian and Muslim women, for human development and deepening their faith. Education is a big challenge in our rural areas. Most teachers are not trained and those who are, invest little effort in their work.

Gumo is also a community for mission and vocation promotion. We welcome aspirants for visits, short stays and for camps, as well as postulants for their formation. We have sisters from Ghana sent to Italy, Congo, Burkina Faso and in Ghana.

Our desire : to expand our apostolic involvement to include pastoral and social ministry.

A lamp symbolizing CHRIST, who is the Light and who enlightens us in our life together. We in turn, share this light with others.

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