This last month of the year has been marked by a happy event.

New altar in OuagadougouOn the 6th December, our Cathedral parish celebrated in advance the Immaculate Conception, which is our patronal feast. On this occasion, Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo consecrated the new altar and blessed the podium during the Eucharistic celebration which he himself presided over. 

Sisters at the massFor many of us, it was the first time to witness the dedication of an altar. The ceremony was quite remarkable. First, he explained the meaning of the symbols appearing on the altar: two hands carrying a calabash on which rests the table where the Eucharist will be celebrated. This signified the welcome of the Burkinabe people in their experience of faith in Christ who is delivered on the altar under the signs of bread and wine.


The new podium


The podium is made with a female hand and a male hand carrying the Word of God to signify listening to God’s Word which must take root in the family. After the litany of saints and the Preface, the altar was cleared.  Now it was being smeared with oil and a fire was lit in the four corners of the altar before adorning it to continue the Mass with the Eucharistic consecration.

After Mass, we shared a meal in the courtyard of the cathedral where everyone was invited. The feast continued, providing everyone with something to eat while musical entertainment and dancing continued into the late evening. It was beautiful and really family friendly.

Artist Romain Nikima

The artist of this work, Romain Nikiéma, is well known in Ouagadougou: "I never went to a fine arts school to train myself. My father was an artist and it was with him that I learned. I was driven by passion and I can say that it was thanks to this passion that I became an artist ".