During this month of celebration of the Seasons of Creation, we, the novices of Bobo, would like to share with you what we have discovered through nature and the joy we experience in caring for nature.

novice recycle 1

We are part of nature and we need it. We are grateful for the richness that God has entrusted to us.

Being aware of the call of our Pope Francis in his Encyclical "Laudato Si" we, as a community, have committed ourselves to enter into this project of God, to take care of nature in our various responsibilities and we have started with the closest one: our yard. We are fortunate to have a garden with a well in it, and we use the water from this well for watering during the dry season. This helps us to admire God’s beauty in the flowers, trees, vegetables and fruits that we have planted and that surround us.

In our community, we separate waste. We use the ones that decompose as manure for our plants and small gardens. For those that do not decompose like plastic bags and bottles, we have thought about recycling and we use them to make other things like decoration materials and rope. When we go to the market, we bring our cloth bags to reduce the use of plastic.novice recycle 2

We have become aware that our planet is being destroyed by certain human activities that promote climate change and global warming. We are all concerned about protecting our common home by changing the way we look at it and changing our habits.

At our level, we can participate in changing our behaviour. For example, reduce waste that does not decompose (plastic bags and bottles, batteries, refrigerators, TV, computers, etc.); avoid cutting down trees and rather, maintain them; avoid wasting water and electricity. Small gestures perhaps, but we know that we are not alone and that we are united in spirit to our whole Congregation, to the whole Church and to all men and women of good will in the world. The Time of Creation is now!novices 5