Nyanyogo filant le cotonSister Nicole Robion : What I have learned from the wisdom of a woman of the traditional religion :

While learning the Sénoufo language one day this woman Nyanyogo, came to the dispensary. As I had noticed her speaking clearly, I followed her to her home. For years, we had a beautiful friendship and this is what I can share of her wisdom.

Welcome :

God does not like someone to be sad. If your eye is bitter, your heart is also bitter and everything in you is sad. If people come to you, receive them with both hands. If we honor one another, God will honor us.

An Enemy:

Someone might hate me but since God who gave me life does not hate her, I cannot make that person my enemy. I laughed with her and she said: "What? You want us to fight? No, laugh together." I kept these thoughts in mind. God, you have given me your wisdom.

senoufo 13Happiness :

if you're happy and your neighbor is not, then your happiness is not complete. If you have something and you are evil, God cannot forsake you, but he will not be in perfect friendship with you. However, if you're good with your neighbor, God hears your cry and that of your parents.

About women who are jealous of their children :

If the evil they do to me does not hurt God, then neither should this harm me. The evil that is done to me, I give it to God. God is great; He knows everything. If I meet this woman, I salute her not only with my lips, but with my heart because if I'm sad in my heart, I've spoiled my reward.

On how to give:

Do not say "I have not given much," because for God it is a lot. What is given to you is more pleasing to God than to yourself. What you give to children, is pleasing to God. God looks after children to care for them, because children do not know anything. If God does not help, they will walk around like bush animals. What you give to old people is also pleasing to God, because they have less strength, and you will find your reward with God.

senoufo 2She had a tumor on the knee that made her lose her balance and she happened to fall with the child she carried on her back. She speaks to God: "God, hear the voice of my weeping. Be good to me and put a good person on my path." God said, "You are mine; keep quiet. I heard the voice of your weeping. Do not hurry. You want to run before me. Do not be more in a hurry than me "

I thought to myself: "If God gives me something, it's good. If God gives me nothing, this will still be very good. It will be what God wants. God knows how to lead us. God helps us walk like a child being held by the hand. He guides us like a shepherd leads his cows. "

After a successful operation at the hospital where I brought her, she said : "God joined himself to you and he cured me. You have spent your money, but that does not matter, it was my good you wanted. My healing made you happy as well as your family, but it was even more pleasing to God. May God fill both your hands until it falls to the ground so you can give it to other people."

senoufo 11In 1981, during a severe outbreak of meningitis affecting the region, she prays : "I praise you my God. Because of the disease, many people die. This is what tortures me on my bed, so that I am now feeble, as you can see. When I walk it's like hide and seek, like a hunter in search of game. My own death does not worry me, but that of the children; because if they all die, I see myself forced to crawl back to you, God, when that time comes. But this would not be good. If you bring healing, then I can be transported by a child, the day I leave to come home to you, my God. He will cover my head, dig my grave, put me in and then I'll join you." God told me, "Since you speak well, I hear you." So God says he cannot abandon me. He said his heart and mine are the same; we have the same thoughts.

She encouraged me to visit the most distant villages where I go by motorcycle, often on bad roads: "Where you are Nicole, there is God. He sent you to the people of his world. Every morning, every word he tells you, you need to make yours and find a way to do it. You have to care for this world with both hands. It is the will of God to fill your hands seven times, until they overflow. God thinks of you. If he gives you nothing, you will have nothing to give to others. If God thinks of you, I laugh lifting my head like a bird. "

senoufo 1She composes and sings: "If a foreigner comes to a village he is looking for something. If you see Nicole in a village, there is a reason for this trip. You came so that humans could form one family. This is a family affair. You came so that humans might speak harmoniously.

Human beings, please help me for good and not for evil. But of whom do I speak? This is about you Nicole. Human beings, let us help one another, let us unite. God does not forget the people but they themselves make differences. God makes no distinction.

Nicole goes to Sougouma. to Kourouma, to Silorola then Ndosso, to Kanagara and finally to Ndorola. When she returns, I tell her: Welcome back! How are the people there? She says they are doing well. She finds me later in the family."

senoufo 17To my great surprise, 14 years after our first meeting, Nyanyogo asked to join the Christian family. Her attachment to Jesus shines through the hymns she composed for her entry into the catechumenate: Your dwelling place is good; I'll sit near you, Jesus, son of God. You overcame obstacles; I'll stay by your side. Jesus, in the morning dew I call on you, at noon I call on you.

I will put my hand on Jesus' shoulder and sit next to him. If the hawk comes, you will prevent him from taking me away as a small chick.

I plowed my field next to that of Jesus and when Jesus rises, I also rise with him. People of the world, plow your field next to that of Jesus and when Jesus rises, rise also with him.

I stayed in my corner of suffering until Jesus gave me a glimpse of himself. What happiness this gave me! So tomorrow, how wonderful if he would reveal his whole self to me!

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