Le Petit Prince en arabe dialectal Sister Lucienne Brousse, translator of the famous book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

"This project is the brainchild of two teachers of dialectal Arabic in Algiers: Zahia Talbi and Lucienne Brousse. Basically, the two professors wanted to translate the book into a teaching aid and thus offer something new to their students. Colloquial Arabic is primarily an "oral" language. For 2 years the two translators have redoubled caution to transpose each passage of the book and adapt their meaning for the Algerian readership, without betraying the rhythm of the narrative. The book is available from Barzakh editions." lepetitprince.com

soeur Magali Thomasset

Sister Magalie Thomasset, sculptor:

Sculpting is to think with the heart and speak with the hands. I admit that it is an exercise that involves a lot of work ... But this exercise shows us how vital it is to go to the end of our existence, just as the sculptor takes time to go to the end and give life to his work.

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To carve is to think with the heart and speak with the hands



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