By early 2020, following lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of ZOOM increased sharply

Zoom meetingand thousands of businesses and educational institutions had switched to online courses using ZOOM. As the company offered its services free of charge to schools from kindergarten to high school in many countries, the number of users per day increased from 10 million in December 2019 to 200 million in March 2020, with many new participants working online for the first time. ZOOM has also become a social platform and its users have organized family reunions, sports classes, concerts, weddings, etc.

Sisters in Verrières, France


Our congregation quickly adopted this new medium of communication. At first with some difficulty but very quickly, and with a lot of practice on the spot, several sisters became very skilled in the use, and ZOOM became the means of bonding between individuals and communities. What a pleasure to connect between Europe, America and Africa to exchange memories, experiences and daily apostolate!

Zoom meeting in Canada




Even for the sisters in the same community, sometimes locked in their rooms due to quarantine, ZOOM allowed regular meetings and the chance to maintain much needed bonds.

Small meeting





This communication tool has become so important that for the planning of the “Technologies for Mission” training, ZOOM training is in the foreground and the platform will allow us afterwards to carry out targeted training with participants in several countries. This was unthinkable a year ago!


Our last photo is of sister Monique Vien in Canada who is now a proficient ZOOM Manager

Monique Vien

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