Synode des évêques Sr Carmen Sammut 2I have the great privilege of being one of the three religious sisters attending the Synod as auditors.

 Text of Sr Carmen :
 I am impressed by our Pope Francis, who is there all the time during our general assemblies, deeply listening to all the interventions.

One thing can be said as well as its opposite. I delight in this universality of the Church, as well as in the frankness of speech, but I am also stretched to keep alive my faith in the Holy Spirit's ability to make unity out of diversity

We realize that when we speak of "family", we are talking of our families, with their joys and problems, not of some perfect reality out there. We want to look at reality with the eyes of faith. We want to encourage families in their vocation and their mission.

I ask you to pray ardently for the Synod participants and for the Holy Father so that we can listen to the silent voice of the Spirit and let it blow where she wants.

More next week.
Your sister,
Carmen Sammut

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